In the non-profit world, securing grants can be a huge part of an organization’s fundraising plan. Applying for grants is tedious and time-consuming work, and there is never a guarantee that you will be funded. Still, over 50 billion dollars are awarded every year through foundations and corporate grants, so the incentive to apply is high.

Should I apply? This is the first question to ask yourself when researching grants. Only commit yourself to applying for a grant if you match all the foundation’s qualifications. Remember, grants come with strings attached, so be sure that your goal/need clearly matches the criteria of the funding being offered.

Once you determine that you are going to apply, find a qualified writer, preferably someone with experience writing grants. Keep the following key steps in mind throughout the writing process:

Make your argument compelling:

  • Define your request and how your organization will use the funds.
  • When writing, consider the funder’s goals and how your organization can help meet those goals.
  • Use the voice of your beneficiaries to make your case.
  • While an emotional pull is necessary, you should include statistics from authoritative data to support your defined need.

Be technically correct:

  • Follow the grant application instructions carefully.
  • Ensure that your application is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Make sure that the information you include is technically correct.
  • Use clear, concise writing make your case.
  • Apply in a timely manner.

The final step is to be prepared. Your application should prove that you are prepared to carry out your plan through appropriate staffing and other necessary resources should you receive funding.

For more information on successful grant writing, please contact the professionals at GCM.